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Bobby Shann Showcases His Distinct Talents and Unique Signature Sound with ‘A.N.P.A – Power Unleashed’

Bobby Shann invites listeners on a musical voyage with his new 17-track album, a follow-up to his 2020 album, ‘A.N.P.A’. Working alongside his passion, interest, and knowledge of the Japanese anime franchise Dragon Ball, the album works to capture the essence of the series, incorporating concepts, themes, and characters to offer an immersive sonic journey that encapsulates powerful ideas of love, strength, friendship, and self-discovery within bold musical soundscapes. With an innovative approach towards music production, Bobby Shann appears as a unique creator, striking out with a project distinctive in its vision and sonically explorative in instrumental arrangement.  

Having been inspired by the emotive potential of Japanese City Pop, intrigued by its fusion of Jazz, Funk, and Pop to evoke nostalgia, a feeling only heightened when combined with the visual elements of anime, Bobby Shann has taken to carving out his own signature style; an enthusiastic historian of Dragon Ball, the talented Producer set out to produce an album that introduces the nuances and dynamics of the series, its characters, and the psychological aspects uncovered within the relationships and narrative. With a background in Hip Hop and Disco, coming to music production with a particular penchant for vintage sounds, Bobby Shann has continued throughout his musical journey to draw influence from a variety of sources, and this new production surely comes as yet another example of his confidence to push sonic boundaries to offer listeners eclectic soundscapes and refreshing musical journeys.   

‘A.N.P.A – Power Unleashed’, an album infused with the spirit of Dragon Ball, makes for a compelling listening experience; as each track comes as another narrative in the saga, the album continues to introduce new themes, emerging as a bold tribute to the timeless allure of the series. With emotive melodies, anthemic details, groovy basslines, shuffled rhythms, and exciting beats, the intricately detailed soundscapes on the album place Bobby Shann’s production talents in the spotlight, serving as a distinct reminder of his artistic potential when it comes to weaving unique sonic tapestries of innovative elements and creative musical narratives. As each track layers in new energy, continually refreshing in sonic makeup, from bouncy synth chordal lines to punchy leads and animated arpeggiators to full-bodied pads, ‘A.N.P.A – Power Unleashed’ evolves into a mighty-sounding production, delivering a listening journey unlike any other and one not to be missed.  

So, embark on a voyage of sonic discovery and dive into Bobby Shann’s ‘A.N.P.A – Power Unleashed’ now to experience the playful, distinct, and enthralling vibes for yourself.  

Make sure to keep Bobby Shann on your radar by following him across social media, as he remains a talent to be watching closely. ‘A.N.P.A – Power Unleashed’ is out now and is available to stream and download across platforms. 


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