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Interview: Behind the scenes of Lodato’s 38th bootleg pack

Lodato American DJ, producer and remixer Lodato has accumulated millions of Spotify streams, topped the Billboard Dance/Club charts with multiple #1’s and was awarded Remixer of the Year for his version of “Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots during Miami Music Week. Lodato talks us through how he created his 38th Bootleg pack, read on to find out more!

1. You seem to have taken “Bootlegs” to a new level, tell us the story behind “Lodato Bootlegs” & how you are able to get the world’s biggest DJ’s to constantly play them.

To be honest, I just started making them for me… but DJ’s started asking me for them so much that I just started creating packs and putting them out so everyone can have them. I’m grateful for all the support!

2. Have we ever seen you bring in your own vocal at times?

I did that with the Twenty One Pilots/ Heathens bootleg. I put in my own drop and had a dope female vocalist come in to do harmonies. I recently collaborated with Vinny Vibe to do something similar… you’ll see that one out soon! #DirtyLittleSecret”

3. What was the reasoning behind some of your song choices?

It depends, I always like to take popular top 40 tracks and give them club drops or just taking a popular club track and giving an alternate version so people don’t get tired of it.

4. What is your Favourite track from your Bootleg Pack 38?

I really like “Happier & Closer”. That one goes off!

5. We see lots of radio support for your bootlegs, any tips for other DJ’s/Producers that are looking for radio support?

Just make sure you make them available however you can and send them to whoever you can including mix show DJs and PDs. I know that the Overdrive channel on DashRadio plays like 75% bootlegs in their rotation. Be sure to hit them up!

6. We see some of your bootlegs have made it onto Spotify, can you tell us how that works?

I really don’t like to do “Remix Projects” like I said before, I just make what I want to play… but sometimes the original label of the song likes so much that they contact my management and cut a deal with me to make it an “Official Remix” Other times, a label comes along and gets custom licensing to get the rights and put it out.

7. Do you ever have themes behind your Bootleg Packs?

Sometimes I do.. like if I collaborate with other DJs, for example I put one out this past summer with the Stafford Brothers. Steve Aoki hit me up to do the songs on his album, so I made a “Kolony Themed” Bootleg pack.

8. Have you got any original releases in the pipeline?

Lots of original stuff lined up for 2019, you will see an original from me as soon as Jan 2019, Stay tuned…

9. Where can people go to download your latest bootleg pack?

Stream or Download here

Lodato Online 

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